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From the oddly named Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio comes the WoodStepper plugin that pretty much does everything. It’s a 4-channel sequencer that now has it’s own synthesizer and sampling engine built-in.

WoodStepper 3.0

WoodStepper is a plugin for MacOS and iOS which has reached version 3.0 and incorporated synthesis and sampling into it’s already packed feature set. It used to sequence other things and now it can sequence itself by directing the sequencing engine to playing either internal VCOs or samples and loops. You can also add automation to the sequencer to move parameters around per step. If you try hard enough you can get the polyphony up to 12 voices while routing paraphonically through the same filter and amp section. But WoodStepper can also layer up to 4 complete voices for full 4-voice polyphony by sticking to 8 notes each.

You don’t have to use the internal sequencer you can address the synth and sampling engine directly from your DAW or MIDI keyboard. You can also split the 4 layers across different keyboard ranges.

It’s designed for the iPad really and has a big and bright interface that works brilliantly with fingers. The sequencer is always present on the main part of the screen while other parameters of the synth and sampler engines appear on the right.

For the fullest explanation check out this detailed tutorial.

Version 3 makes WoodStepper into a more complete music-making platform with oodles of depth and potential for people who want to dig down into it.

More information

  • WoodStepper 3.0 page.

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