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Synthstrom Deluge

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New Zealand-based boutique electronics firm Synthstrom Audible have confirmed that their intriguing Deluge portable music making machine will be launched in Auckland on the 22nd October. It’s a sequencer, sampler and synthesizer and has gone through some changes since we last saw a photo.



I’m pretty sure the original images we saw a few months back showed it with 8×4 pads on the hardware. Now it appears to have 16×8. That’s 128 RGB pads of hands-on creativity – nice! The pads offer some great sequencing opportunities and they describe it as having a piano-roll style to it with scrolling and zooming. It can also be used as a keyboard for live MIDI input. Internally there’s a subtractive and FM synthesizer engine and 64MB of sample RAM. Samples can be loaded via SD card.

Deluge - what it used to look like

Deluge – what it used to look like

Parameters can be adjusted via two endless encoders with LED level meters. Other knobs are dedicated to tempo and volume. LFO’s are available to modulate each synth or sample turning the pads into a massive modulation matrix. The built-in effects engine includes delay, reverb chorus, flanger, phaser, bit-crushing, sidechain and stuttering.


Being a portable music making device it sports an internal speaker and microphone along with the all important battery pack. It also has mic and line inputs as well as two headphone outputs. There are 2 CV outputs and 4 Gate/trigger outputs and one trigger input which will make it more interesting to the analogue and modular crowd. And, of course, there’s MIDI in/out and USB for computer connection.

That’s all the detail we have so far. Everything else – sound examples, images, videos – are apparently being held back until the official launch on the 22nd. Pre-orders will be taken from the 25th October. Pricing, availability and shipping information from New Zealand is not yet known.

More information on the Synthstrom Audible website.


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