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Synthstrom Deluge angle

Synthstrom Deluge angle  ·  Source:

I reported on the imminent release of the Synthstrom Deluge portable sequencer/sampler/synthesizer back in October. At the time they were keeping their cards very close to their chests until the official launch party. The party has come and gone and from the haze of a mother of a hangover comes news on the pricing, availability and some very long and in-depth walk-through videos.

Deluge pricing and availability

Apparently they take 4 months to make and it looks like they will currently only make them to order. That means if you place your order now you should receive the box in 4 months from the official release date of 25th November – ouch! However, if you just can’t wait that long and have to have one sooner then you can pay almost double for a “RUSH” version which means you’ll get your hands it 4 months from the time of order. Your extra money buys you a month less waiting time. That’s amazing.

The Rush price is $1450 otherwise it’s $780, €720, £640 plus $55, €50, £45 shipping respectively (ex VAT). In UK and Europe you’ll have to pay VAT on import. There’s also separate pricing for Australia and New Zealand and an instalment option.


The walk-through videos give in-depth detail into the workings of the Deluge over an hour and a half, spread across three videos. It’s interesting stuff and I am immediately taken by the way the grid of pads is used for sequencing. However, they really do need to squeeze out a 3-minute demo!

For all the information and to place your order for the end of March 2017 head over to the Synthstrom website.


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