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Deluge 3.0 Live Looping

Deluge 3.0 Live Looping  ·  Source: Synthstrom

Deluge with QWERTY engaged

Deluge with QWERTY engaged  ·  Source: Synthstrom

The Synthstrom Audible Deluge is a wonderful collection of lights and buttons that can be a synthesizer, sequencer, sampler and now with the 3.0 update a live looper.

Deluge 3.0 Live Looping

The concept of live looping is to layer and loop recorded audio tracks over each other while letting you drop those loops in and out on the fly. In the Deluge you can have as many loops as you want they can be of any independent length. Once you’ve recorded your loop or loops then you can get stuck into the effects and sample engine to mess it about as much as you like, either on a single or multiple loops.

All other functions within the Deluge still operate so you can add samples, synth parts and sequences alongside. You can also copy and vary your loops, reverse them and time stretch them. You can also edit the loop while it’s muted so you can drop it in exactly how you want it.

The Deluge can now act as a USB host so you can plug in a MIDI foot controller for completely hands-free live looping operation.


One of the other updates in version 3.0 is that the buttons can now form a QWERTY keyboard for entering text names for songs and bits and pieces. All future Deluge boxes will have the letters printed on the front but you can add an overlay to existing units.

There will be plenty more features and tweaks in the new update and users can expect to get it sometime in the summer.

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