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Analogue Solutions Sequencer

Analogue Solutions Sequencer  ·  Source: music radar


Analogue Solutions were at Superbooth showing their Fusebox and range of desktop effects boxes. But they also had a blank and unnamed box of many knobs which turned out to be the prototype of a sequencer they are working on.



It’s a very large CV/Gate sequencer with 16 steps. Everything is realised in knobs so rather than doubling up on functions the 16 steps has 3 rows that generate CV. You can then route those to an oscillator for pitch, a filter for cutoff, or pulse width for modulation – whatever you like and it’s all there in front of you. There are transposing CV inputs for shifting the sequence, and a quantizer for keeping the pitch under control.

The Gate side of the sequencer is inspired by the Patternator on the Fusebox but taken a lot further. Using 4 knobs you can work up a pattern across 16 steps. The knobs bring in added levels of complexity and rhythm. The knobs have LEDs in the middle which light up to show you what’s enabled. There’s a CV input for the pattern creation which can encourage further complexity and adding of steps. You can do this on the unit itself with the strangely triangle 6 button keyboard. Each one will trigger whatever it’s corresponding knob is set to. So turn the knob to influence the pattern and then come back to that by hitting the triangle. Does that make sense? It’s sort of like storing patterns for use when playing live. You can also use this handy keyboard for transposition and other CV controllable duties.

Analogue Solutions say that the idea is that it encourages playfulness and live performance. Rather than just having a looping sequence they wanted to offer something that can change sequences easily, that you can use to trigger sequences on-the-fly and get creatively musical with it.

Should be ready in 3-4 months and will have a name.


Not entirely sure the video below really nails what it is all about but I look forward to seeing more demos when it’s a bit more together.

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Analogue Solutions Sequencer

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