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Sunn Amplification

Sunnrise  ·  Source: Sunn Amplification

Sunn Amplification

Sunn Amplification  ·  Source: Facebook/Sunn Amplification


Sunn Amplification is teasing a comeback and has even shared an image of a new prototype PCB on its social media page. Could we see new Sunn Amps this year? It certainly looks very likely. 


UPDATE 01/08/21

The full range has now been officially revealed as of 19.oo GMT.

Sunn Amplification has today (1 August 23) at 14.00 GMT) updated the main website. Although, it doesn’t actually tell us much more information about new products.

It now says ‘Sunnrise’ and allows visitors to register an email address, plus has links for their social media channels.

An official press release sent by Fender has also shared the following statements and some more information. Including the new partnership with Mission Engineering.

“Resurrecting the Sunn brand has long been a dream of our team, and we are thrilled to be the trusted partner Fender has selected to bring this vision to life. We are honored to have a robust group of Sunn enthusiasts, including some of the original employees, join us on this journey to restore Sunn for musicians worldwide. If you know the Sunn brand and the historical significance it has in the music industry,  you understand why the world needs it back.” – James Lebihan, CEO of Sunn Amplification

“We’re proud to partner with Mission Engineering to uphold the legacy of the Sunn Amplifier brand and look forward to introducing modern players to the raw power that these classic amplifiers are capable of.  We can’t wait to show what the Mission Engineering and Sunn Amplification team has in store.” – Richard Bussey, VP of Accessories, Lifestyle and Licensing FMIC



Sunn Amplification

Sunnrise · Source: Sunn Amplification

New Sunn Range & Pricing

They have revealed that the new Sunn product line will feature historic reproductions of the classic Sunn designs. They will use original tooling, and also introduce new products that incorporate modern technology.

Having Mission Engineering onboard could be a bonus for many and the Petaluma, California-based company already has a pretty solid reputation.

Prices are being stated as being from $499 to $3,299 for the new lineup. Which is a fairly wide range of price points and should mean that there will be something for everyone, at a variety of budgets

These new products will be available for purchase globally in late 2023.

We will update you with more information as it becomes available.

Sunn Amplification

Sunn Amplification has been busy and working on a new prototype. Anyone interested can also register their interest in the newly relaunched website.

The new site has a countdown, at the time of writing it is at 47 days, and therefore we can assume there will be new products this summer.

Sunn Amplification

The countdown has begun · Source: Sunn Amplification

Preamp Tease

Below is the image shared on the company’s Facebook page.

It shows Sunn 100S Pre-Amp PCBa c 2023 – Sunn Amplification on the printed circuit board.

Sunn Prototype 2023

Sunn Prototype 2023 · Source: Facebook/Sunn Amplification

Sunn Rising

The Sunn Amplification name is these days associated with Doom, Stoner and heavy guitar/bass tones. That and the band Sunn O))) who use the amp brand’s name/logo.

Sunn has been dormant for a long time and used examples command high prices, as they have become very desirable in recent years.

Though Fender bought the company in 1985, they were never able to recreate what made Sunn Amps special and actually retired the brand in 2002.

Sunn Instagram account

The Sunn sound · Source: Instagram/Sunn Amplification

Which amps could we see?

Sunn Amplification has a new website and you can register your interest now from the link below. Plus, they appear to have active social media accounts once more, including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

Now it seems that the brand is set to re-launch this summer and this means we could see some classic amps back in production once more, which is fantastic news.

They had so many great amps, including classics like the Coliseum, Concert, S-100 and the Beta Lead.

Of course, we may get some new designs as well. Though, I am pretty sure the brand will want to re-launch with a classic one first.

What Sunn amps would you like to see, let us know in the comments section below.

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Sunn Amplification

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