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Marshall Group

Marshall Group  ·  Source: marshall


Marshall Amplification has been acquired by Zound Industries and will now be known as the privately owned Marshall Group. The Marshall Family will own 24% of the newly formed group.


Marshall Amplification

Today the news was made official that the UK family-owned Marshall Amplification has been purchased by Zound Industries. They are the company that has worked with Marshall for the last 10 years, making Bluetooth speakers and headphones, etc

In addition to Marshall Amplification, the deal also includes Natal Drums, Marshall Records and the Marshall Live Agency.


Speakers · Source: Zound

Marshall Family

Thankfully, the Marshall family retains 24% ownership of the newly formed Marshall Group and so their legacy carries on in safe hands.

“With this game-changing deal, Marshall Group will become the main challenger in our industry and the most exciting alternative to traditional players, bringing even greater innovation and value to clients, employees, and investors alike.”   – Henri de Bodinat, Chairman of Zound Industries


The Guv’nor

Jim Marshall founded the company with his son Terry in 1962 and the brand name has to be one of the biggest, most well-known in the history of rock.

Everyone, knows Marshall amps, even if they don’t play the guitar and I bet just about everyone can recognise a Marshall stack!

This new move makes perfect sense and I can see the brand growing from strength to strength. The world of guitar amps has evolved in 60 years and so this could really help the Marshall brand stay relevant in modern music.

For example, the recent reissue of their classic pedal line is a good example of what we might get in the future.

Your opinion

Where do you think the takeover will take us? Are you concerned about the future of the brand? 

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Marshall Group

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5 responses to “Marshall Amplification acquired by Zound Industries”

    FrenchChris says:

    Hope Marshall will not lose his soul as this is often the case when a great company is acquired by another.

      James says:

      Marshall hasn’t been a great company for at least 25 years. They haven’t innovated and instead rested on long-issued laurels while relying on headphones and Bluetooth speakers, and gimmicky fridges, for income—none of which they made themselves. No-one needs or wants six-foot stacks any longer, and few even want big combos. Like Gibson, they thought trading on their name and diversifying as a lifetime brand would save them. They didn’t learn from Gibson’s collapse from it. Hubris and arrogance.

    Feurope says:

    If this means Marshall will just make more stupid products like fridges, poor quality heaphones and overpriced mono bluetoothspeakers then bad move. Marshall is irrelevant when it comes to amps. A bit like Vox, just a brand name owned by someone else who doesnt do it justice and only brings out okay products to sell to nostalgic people or people who want the brandname on product despite cheaper, better product being available from other/newer brands…

    Chris says:

    hope they move forward… in amp design, not forks, shampoo and cereals with tattooed sleeves on the cover.

    i mean… they have THAT marshall sound inherited… use it… why does friedman produce the marshall sound that ppl want? cmon, theres tons of money to be made

    Disgustedwithgreed says:

    I just really hope that they improve their packing for shipping. They pack the headphones better than a 50lb head that’s shipped harshly over 2 continents.
    Maybe they’ll finally stop porking it’s US customer base,with ridiculous pricetags:/

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