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Marshall SV20H and new a 20 watt JCM800 leak Instagram

Marshall SV20H and new a 20 watt JCM800 leak Instagram  ·  Source: Tonejunkie TV/Instagram/Marshall

Tone Junkie TV has just shared news of two new Marshall amp releases on sale at his local guitar store in America. The new Marshall SV20H and new a 20 watt JCM800 head, with matching 2×12 vertical cab and a 1×12 cabs!


Leaked Marshall SV20H and new a 20 watt JCM800?

Tonejunkie TV has just posted a shot of what he claims is a new 20-watt Marshall SV20H head. It states in the Instagram post, that it was just sitting there for sale in his local guitar store.

I walked into a store and they had these new 20 watt Marshalls. This one is called the SV20H. It’s either a 20watt JTM 45 or a 20 watt Plexi.

There is only currently one photo available of a classic looking Marshall head, but he mentions that there is also a pair of matching 2×12 and 1×12 Marshall cabinets.

JCM 800

He goes on to say that he also saw a 20-watt JCM 800 head and that they are pairing the models with Celestion V speakers.

The post suggests that the retail on the 20-watt Marshall SV20H is USD 1299. He doesn’t name the store though and we have no further details at the time of writing this article. But as ever I will keep you all updated if this all turns out to be true

Marshall SV20H Instagram leak

Marshall SV20H and new a 20 watt JCM800 leak Instagram

Marshall 2019

There is nothing on the official Marshall site, of course, however, we will all be keeping a close eye on there over the next few days. Looks like Winter NAMM could be a big one for the UK amp manufacturer!

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