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Marshall DSL 2018 Range leaked

Marshall DSL 2018 Range leaked  ·  Source: Marshall/YouTube

These new Marshall 2018 DSL amps were leaked online months ago (but we couldn’t write about it), but now they have been leaked early again via good old MusicJunkieVideos’s YouTube channel!

Marshall DSL 2018

Revamped for 2018 they are all valve models, with Celestion speakers, dual channels (Dual Super Lead) which are foot switchable and have onboard digital reverbs, based on traditional spring reverb circuits.

Marshall DSL models come with emulated recording outs as well, so making them handy for bedroom players and home recording, but also more than capable of gigging with the larger wattage models.

DSL 1 Combo and Head – a 1-watt mini combo amp that will go down to one-tenth of a watt as well.

RRP – GBP 259 head and 299 for combo

DSL 5 Combo – Has a 10″ Celestian speaker and has a deep switch for extra bottom end.

RRP – GBP 439

DSL 20 Combo and Head – 2 x EL84 with high or low power modes.

RRP – GBP479 head and 569 combo

DSL 40 Combo – A more powerful combo with Power Scaling to halve output, each of the two channels has two modes and if you buy an additional 6-way footswitch then you can toggle between them all.

RRP – GBP 739

DSL 100 Head – Same as the DSL 40 but a 100-watt head version, with same features, just more power!

RRP – GBP 849



Andertons has just released their Marshall DSL video as well now, so the cat is well and truly out the bag and we finaly have UK pricing as well.

We’ll add more information once it all becomes official, hopefully later today!



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