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Teenage Engineering tease

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Teenage Engineering have done a tiny amount of teasing in the run up to this years NAMM show. They posted an image of a box of new product catalogues and Internet went bonkers trying to decide if the word “new” referred to new products or just a newly printed catalogue. Personally, I thought it was a box of leaflets – until now. 

Another image has appeared, this time it’s a bit more blatant. It’s plainly an image of a microphone, very much in a Pocket Operator style. There’s some kind of box involved although the relative dimensions seem slightly out of whack with the PO. Does that matter? Who knows! Another suggestion has been that it might be a vocoder – possibly – but I’m putting my money down on it being a sampler. It would fit perfectly with their lo-fi range of calculator sized synthezisers.

Teenage Engineering have labelled the post “coming soon…” which must surely refer to NAMM which is only a couple of days away. We’re not going to get any sense out of anyone until after the show so there’s no point trying to ask. As soon as we know, you’ll find all the details on

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