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Strandberg RESQ-D  ·  Source: Strandberg


These Strandberg RESQ:D models have been launched by the Swedish guitar maker. Offering reused guitar bodies which didn’t make the grade. Therefore making them both sustainable and also affordable. Available in limited batches, the first run comes in an eye-catching Coral Pink finish.


Strandberg RESQ:D

Strandberg’s new RESQ:D concept is very simple. Reuse the guitar bodies which have imperfections and offer them at a cheaper price point.

Essentially, Strandberg is known for using a lot of clear finishes, which show off the wood grain. Just sometimes when they cut into these choice pieces of wood, they find hidden imperfections. Normally, they would not be able to use these bodies and unfortunately, they would go to waste.


Strandberg RESQ-D

Sustainable Seconds

Coral Pink

Now with this new rescued venture, they can offer the guitars for a lower price point, with basic their OEM passive pickups and spray the bodies in a solid colour.

This first batch of RESQ:D models all come in Coral Pink, though future batches will have different colours.

These body woods were originally milled for the Original NX (6, 7, & 8), Prog NX (6 & 7), Plini Edition NX, Fusion NX, and Standard (6, 7, & 8) models.


The various models available may have been originally routed for battery compartments and so you could well end up with an empty box. Each model comes with a five-way selector switch and tone/volume controls as standard.

This all offers guitarists the future possibility of upgrading to an active set of pickups, etc

Strandberg RESQ-D

Coral Pink for the first batch


Each guitar will come with a solid maple cap, the Rev 7 hardware, and a carbon fibre-reinforced maple EndurNeck, with a Richlite fretboard.

The first batch of Boden RESQ:D guitars includes a choice of chambered swamp ash, mahogany and basswood bodies. All of these are great tonewoods and are obviously perfect for guitars. They may not be as pretty, but as they will now be a solid colour, it doesn’t matter anymore.

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Recycled Boden

Huge Savings

This means that they have a solid platform for future upgrades and offer fantastic value for money. Strandberg will offer 6-string, 7-string and 8-string models, dependent on what they can recycle.

It means that players can essentially get a high-quality Swedish-designed guitar for around half price, which is a massive saving on standard production models.

Also, I really like the Coral Pink finish for this first batch and think it looks ace!

Sustainability & Recycling

To me as a guitarist this new venture makes perfect sense and I just wish other guitar manufacturers would reuse tonewoods with imperfections.

The infamous video a few years ago of Gibson trashing lots of Firebird X models with a bulldozer comes to mind, That was an awful way to waste wood and many guitarists/musicians were not happy about it.

Leo Fender was happy to respray his guitars to solid colours if they needed to cover imperfections and so this practice isn’t new, but it certainly is a welcome one.

I’m looking forward to seeing the various new colours over time and think Strandberg has found a sensible solution to get around the issue of imperfections and seconds.

MSRP – USD 1299 – USD 1499


More Information


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More Information


Image Sources:
  • Sustainable Seconds: Strandberg
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