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Stem Modular Quad Comparator

Stem Modular Quad Comparator  ·  Source: Stem Modular


The Quad Comparator module from Stem Modular opens windows into voltage control for gate sequences, patterns and pulse combinations.


Quad Comparator

The idea is that you have these “window comparators” where you set a high and low value and whenever the input voltage lands within that window you get a high gate output. So it could take a melody and generate gate sequences from it depending on the pitch and window sizes. Or you could extract gates from a modulation source.

The inputs are normalled so you can use it as a single Quad Comparator or as 4 individual ones or two pairs. There’s an “ALL” output that will always contain the result of all the comparators.

There’s a DC Bias knob that shifts the input and weights it towards either the higher or lower range. Apparently, this can generate shuffle-like effects or you can use it to manually trigger gates if you have a high input.

You don’t have to use an external input as there’s an internal triangle wave LFO that can be the source of voltage and it can be switched up to audio rate.


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Stem Modular originally planned to build a sequencer for their Wave Station modular systems but this felt like a more interesting idea that fits nicely with the emphasis on education. It’s an interesting way to derive a gate sequence.

Quad Comparator is available now in black or bamboo for $195.

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Stem Modular Quad Comparator

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