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ST Modular Workbench

ST Modular Workbench  ·  Source: ST Modular


The prolific ST Modular extends their 0HP range with a multi-functional utility machine called Workbench and it’s perfect for extending the possibilities of any CV synth or modular.



This follows on from the Renegade series of 0HP modules that include a Mixer, Mult and LFO. But unlike those modules which use a little 2HP power transfer module to pull power out of your rack this box is powered by USB making it more useful in a wider range of scenarios.

Workbench combines much of the Renegade module functionality into a really neat looking little box. You’ve got a 1 to 3 Mult, a triangle and square wave LFO, a 4-channel attenuator that doubles as a mixer, a crossfader, and a channel swap for exchanging the routing of two signals.

It could be a brilliant addition to a semi-modular synth or a small Eurorack setup that lacks this sort of functionality. But it’s the sort of thing that you could drop into any situation and find a use for it. I think this is a sign of things to come. As we have more CV enabled equipment outside of Eurorack modular there’s a need for little boxes of modulation and utility. Just as hardware sequencers are everywhere at the moment, little external desktop modulation devices are definitely the next big thing.


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As with all ST Modular modules they are sold as PCBs and front panels, or in this case front and rear panels, so it’s up to you to source the components and build the device. I wonder if Stefan would consider getting some built to sell? His range of modules is getting enormous and there are some fabulous designs in here that I think people without the time or patience for DIY would really benefit from.

It’s not available quite yet and I haven’t seen any pricing.

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ST Modular Workbench

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2 responses to “ST Modular Workbench: Desktop CV modulation and utility machine”

    Paul Boos says:

    This is definitely something I’d buy assembled. Not everyone is into DiY… Hope a decision to build some comes about…

    blah says:

    too little too late. I wanted this 2 years ago. it will depends on the price though

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