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Dreadbox Typhon LTD Edition

Dreadbox Typhon LTD Edition  ·  Source: Dreadbox

Dreadbox Typhon LTD Edition

Dreadbox Typhon LTD Edition  ·  Source: Dreadbox

Exclusively available via this limited edition Typhon comes with a new paint job and a bank of gloomy sounds curated by Dimitris Pavlidis.

Typhon LTD Edition

You might have missed this the first time around, we did, but the second batch of these limited edition Typhons have just landed and are available at

It comes in a rather nice black and copper finish but is otherwise the same as the Typhon you can buy elsewhere. Dimitris Pavlidis is the person behind both and the band Selofan and he’s put together a special bank of spooky, dreadful(!) sounds that are only available with this edition.

The Typhon has been quite renowned for its jolly looks and fun disposition so this really does throw some different light (or perhaps shade) on it.

Otherwise, the Typhon is a 2 oscillator analogue monosynth with 4-pole filter and multiple VCAs. It has 2 envelope generators and 3 modulators with 4 different modes including LFO, EG, Random and Step Sequencer. Inside is a bunch of really cool DSP effects from Sinevibes. It’s a nice little synth with an unusual vibe that gives it a nicely different flavour.

The Typhon LTD Edition can only be purchased from in Greece but they will ship worldwide for €374.99.

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  1. Richard says:

    Irrespective of the great new colour scheme, the DreadBox Typhon is the absolute best sounding analogue mono-synth I have ever owned. The built-in effects are absolutely fantastic and what make this synth.

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