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Dreadbox Typhon

Dreadbox Typhon  ·  Source: Dreadbox

Dreadbox Typhon

Dreadbox Typhon  ·  Source: Dreadbox

The Typhon is a quirky combination of analog synthesis, sequencing and digital effects in a very cool collaboration between Dreadbox and Sinevibes.


It’s a nice looking USB powered analog monosynth closer in style to the Dreadbox Hypnosis than their other synths. It’s designed to be fund and fruity laying out the controls you need to have the most fun with the minimum of fuss.

The analog side brings 2 VCOs, a 4-pole low pass filter and a multitude of VCAs. There are 2 envelope generators for the filter and VCAs plus 3 additional modulators that can be LFOs, envelopes, random generators or step sequencers and they can all have multiple destinations.

On the right-hand side you have slider control over the 2 envelope generators plus a screen and data encoder to give you control over the digital effects, presets and sequencing.

The effects are developed by Sinevibes and consist of 12 DSP stereo effects (32bit @96kHz) including Distortion, Bit crusher, Chorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Delay and Reverb. You can also feed in an external audio signal to use it as an effects box.

The sequencer is 32 notes and can be used for pitch or modulation. There are 254 presets to play with.

It looks like a tidy little box, great for playing with and the USB power can make it very portable. The being “not just another monosynth” is true enough in terms of the stereo effects engine and ability to save presets. I also like the ease with which you can get into tweaking the sounds with the clear layout and nice big knobs. However, I’m yet to see exactly how you create sequences or access and control the effects.

You can order the Typhon now, priced at EUR 349 or GBP 317.

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