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Dreadbox Sinevibes

Dreadbox Sinevibes  ·  Source: Dreadbox Sinevibes


At least that’s what they said when synth makers Dreadbox met up with software and DSP producers Sinevibes to hatch some kind of cosmic collaboration. What could it be?



Athens based Dreadbox makes interesting and engaging boxes of noise, devices of modulations and modules of colour. They don’t sit still for long and always seem to have something brilliant lurking around the corner. They’re no stranger to working with other companies or blending analog and digital technologies as the fabulous Medusa Hybrid synthesizer that they built with Polyend will testify. So when they start hinting at a new collaboration it’s certainly something to get excited about.

We glimpsed a little box about a month ago on Instagram and looking again I can spot a small screen and maybe a data entry knob which indicates the potential presence of digital technology.



Sinevibes designs and builds software for musical applications. They’ve built all sorts of DSP engines for all sorts of companies. More recently they’ve built numerous effects and oscillators for the Korg Logue custom Multi-Engine found in Minilogue XD, Prologue and NTS-1 synths. Their most recent post on Facebook is a photo of a meeting between Yiannis from Dreadbox and Artemiy from Sinevibes taken last year. “Plotting some evil plans…” they say.

Now, the flip side of this could be that Dreadbox is working on a Multi-engine oscillator for the Korg synthesizers and Sinevibes are looking after it – but that seems unlikely. And so this leaves me with the idea that Sinevibes has created a digital oscillator or range of oscillators for a new Dreadbox synthesizer. One with a fabulously analog filter and some interesting modulation. Something perhaps more like the Korg NTS-1 but with an analog signal path. That could be quite exciting.

What do you think? Apparently we’ll find out any time now.

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One response to “Dreadbox and Sinevibes: “Analog demons meet digital gods””

    Signal Slammer says:

    my guess is some sort of wavetable synth in a small desktop enclosure. the faders are possibly for adsr envelope parameters. hopefully there’s a sequencer on board. that’s kind of the tipping point for me.

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