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Dreadbox at the Temple of Poseidon

Dreadbox at the Temple of Poseidon  ·  Source: Dreadbox

During a few moments of personal exercise, someone from Dreadbox found themselves with a new device in hand at the Ancient Greek Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. Could it be a synth or an effects box?


According to the Instagram post they are shooting a new video and you’ve got to assume it’s on the slightly blurred item being held in the front of the picture.

It’s quite colourful, sort of holding a line between the usually sedate Dreadbox synths and the zany effects units like the Hypnosis. Maybe the Chromatic modules have awakened a more tasteful approach to colour. Can’t come to a lot of conclusions from the image. Three big knobs, 5 smaller ones and some sliders and possibly a display. It doesn’t have any patch points or the wooden cheeks we’ve come to expect so maybe it’s from their DIY range or perhaps it’s an effects box.

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