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Soyuz 013 TUBE

Soyuz 013 TUBE  ·  Source: Soyuz Microphones

Soyuz Microphones from Russia has added the 013 TUBE small diaphragm condenser mic to its portfolio. It is a close sibling of the 013 FET, but designed to deliver a smoother top end for a more natural, colorful sound. It also costs twice as much.

According to Soyuz, the differences between the 013 TUBE and the 013 FET are subtle, but noticeable. It says that while the 013 FET provides a slightly faster response time, the new 013 TUBE has a more rounded top end with more coloration. The capsule is the same 25mm gold sputtered membrane as in the FET model, but the circuitry is different. Soyuz claims that the result is a smooth top end with an accurate and musical midrange and warm sonic characteristics.

The 013 TUBE looks like an interesting alternative in any situation where one would reach for a pair of small diaphragm condensers: Acoustic guitar, grand piano, overheads, or rooms, for example. Will it make our Top 5 studio microphones or Top 5 condenser mics in 2019? We’ll see!

Soyuz 013 TUBE

The Soyuz 013 TUBE in its custom hardwood case

Matched pair in a beautiful case

As it is customary with small diaphragm condenser mics, the Soyuz 013 TUBE comes as a matched stereo pair. I have to admit that the microphones and the handcrafted oakwood case do look very sophisticated and classy. In addition to the mics, the case also contains a stereo power supply, custom 4-pin cables and mounting clips.

The Soyuz 013 TUBE does come at a price, however: While the FET version can be had for 1,199 US dollars per pair, you’ll have to shell out about twice as much for the TUBE, which lists for 2,399 US dollars per pair. Are the subtle sonic nuances really worth twice as much? It’s up to you to decide.

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