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SoundSpot FAT 2 and NEVO

SoundSpot NEVO and FAT 2  ·  Source: SoundSpot

SoundSpot is known for creative plug-ins with nice-looking GUIs and comparatively low prices. The latest additions to the company’s portfolio are FAT 2, a creative filter, and NEVO, a serial clipper.

SoundSpot FAT 2

FAT 2 builds on the foundation of SoundSpot’s free FAT filter. While it’s no longer free (although the original FAT remains available), FAT 2 adds no less than 20 new filter types. You can choose from a total of five high pass, five low pass, five band pass and five FX modes. According to SoundSpot, these have been designed with a custom resonant peak series that mimics the harmonics of analog saturation. So turning up the resonance and/or driving the input of the filter should yield some nice-sounding harmonics and ‘analog’ warmth.

SoundSpot has also added a modulation engine with two flexible, node-based envelopes that can sync to the DAW tempo, with various rhythmic subdivisions available. The envelopes feature snap-to-grid and smoothing functions.

FAT 2 looks like a very useful filter plug-in that gives you many options to get creative, without being overly complex.

SoundSpot FAT 2 is now available at Plugin Boutique* for GBP 10.75 / USD 14.28 / EUR 12.05.

The plug-in requires macOS 10.12-10.15 or Windows 7 or higher. It’s available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

SoundSpot FAT 2

SoundSpot FAT 2

SoundSpot NEVO

NEVO is a ‘Monster Clipper’ designed for mastering applications as well as a wide variety of audio signals. It features two clipping stages with multiple coloration settings: a 16-band soft clipper and a single band hard clipper. NEVO also offers a transient shaper and a final ‘Clip Wall Limiter’.

According to the developer, this combination delivers a broad spectrum of results, from tape and tube style overdrive to bit crushing to brickwall limiting. The curve parameter gives you control over the amount of the effect across the frequency spectrum.

Clipping is a very popular effect especially in harder electronic genres, and NEVO is an interesting new option. Like FAT 2, it offers extensive functionality without overwhelming you with too many details.

SoundSpot NEVO is now available at Plugin Boutique* for GBP 14.28 / USD 19.90 / EUR 16.79.

It requires macOS 10.12-10.15 or Windows 7 or higher and comes in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

SoundSpot NEVO

SoundSpot NEVO

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