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Soundforce SFC-8

Soundforce SFC-8  ·  Source: Soundforce

SoundForce is building up quite a collection of hardware MIDI controllers aimed at specific software instruments. The SFC-8 is everything you need to control a software Jupiter-8 or boutique hardware ones.


Of course you can use any old MIDI controller if you want to control a software synth with more than a mouse but SoundForce offers something far more elegant and engaging to the point where you could fool yourself into thinking it’s a real synth.

The SFC-8 looks great, compact without making everything too small, and it’s immediately “Jupiter”. It’s made of metal with walnut cheeks and all the knobs are on wobble-free metal shafts.

It’s designed to work perfectly with both the Arturia JUP-8V and the RolandCloud Jupiter-8 plug-in. Using a control app you can have complete control over the mapping and layout so you can absolutely control other synths or hardware however you like – it’s just a MIDI controller. And to help with that it’s got MIDI DIN as well as USB and you can use them simultaneously.

Soundforce SFC-8

Soundforce SFC-8

The SFC-8 should be available towards the end of the year and the price is not yet set.

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