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Solar A1.7DVV and V1.6DVV Dan Vadim Von Morbid Angel

Solar A1.7DVV and V1.6DVV New signature models for Dan Vadim Von of Morbid Angel  ·  Source: Solar Guitars

Morbid Angel’s Dan Vadim Von has joined Solar Guitars’ ever-growing roster of artists. The resulting cooperation has spawned two new signature models, the Solar A1.7DVV and V1.6DVV.


It’s always nice to get your own signature model guitar – but to get two at once must be splendid. This is exactly what has happened for Morbid Angel’s Dan Vadim Von, whose two guitars are due to go on sale in in April this year.

 Dan Vadim Von from Morbid Angel

Dan Vadim Von from Morbid Angel

Solar A1.7DVV

Both the A1.7DVV and V1.6DVV are rather brightly coloured, especially as many Solar Guitars are black, white or grey. Let’s take a look at the A1.7DVV first. This one’s a 7-string Floyd Rose 1000 design sporting an alder body with a satin finished maple neck loaded with an ebony fingerboard that’s fitted with stainless steel frets. The locking tuners should keep everything nicely in tune.

The pickups are a pair of DiMarzio Blazes, perfect for heavy riffing. It comes in a distinctive Slime Green metallic finish, with black accents were the body is scooped out near the two horns.

I really like this design and that Slime Green pops beautifully against the black hardware and ebony fretboard.

RRP – USD 1399 / EUR -1399 out in April

Solar A1.7DVV Dan Vadim Von Morbid Angel

Solar A1.7DVV – Dan Vadim Von from Morbid Angel gets two guitars for 2019

Solar V1.6DVV

This guitar also has a conspicuous finish, this time in Blood Red metallic. The V-Style is modern and looks very sharp – it makes it look like a weapon!

This one varies from the A1.7DVV model described above in that it’s got a mahogany body and the classic combination of a DiMarzio Air Norton neck and PAF Pro humbuckers, which many players like – I can see why they are being used here. But otherwise it has the A1.7DVV’s satin maple neck and ebony fingerboard, the same stainless steel frets and locking tuners. The Floyd Rose 1000 trem should stay nicely in tune and be easy to string up.

RRP – USD 1299 / EUR 1299 out in April

Solar Guitars Dan Vadim Von Morbid Angel

Dan Vadim Von from Morbid Angel also gets the new Solar V1.6DVV

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  1. Mr Wizzard says:

    Its to bad these the partner ship fell through, I was looking forward to getting one. I was hoping to purchase one via their Australian dealer – Industrie Music –

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