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Solar Guitars and At The Gates A1.6 Baritone ATG signature model

Solar Guitars and At The Gates A1.6 Baritone ATG signature model  ·  Source: Solar Guitars

Ola Englund’s Solar Guitars has been rather busy of late. Only a few weeks after it announced the eight new models and a Jensen signature model, the company has just announced a brand new A1.6 Baritone ATG signature guitar.


A1.6 Baritone ATG

Designed for At The Gates guitarists Martin Larsson and Jonas Stålhammar, this is based around the Solar Guitars A1.6, just with a scale extended to 26.5″.

Loaded with a pair of active Fishman Fluence Modern humbuckers and featuring a Hipshot fixed bridge, they also have the ever so handy Luminlay side dots which make everything along the neck easy to see on dark stages.

Solar GuitarsSolar Guitars A1.6 Baritone ATG

Solar Guitars A1.6 Baritone ATG

Low down and dirty

Of course, these are heavy duty ‘metal machines’ and strung with D’Addario NYXL 11-64 tuned to B at the factory. The main body is made from alder, the neck is maple and the fretboards are ebony with 24 super jumbo nickel frets.

After their recent announcement of 8 new models, we thought Ola may have slowed down a little, but boy was we wrong. This is also the second baritone guitar announced this week, so it looks like the market for low down-tuned instruments is picking up again.

Preorders are open now and Solar Guitars will start shipping it on 10th July, according to its website.

RRP – EUR 1199

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