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Are the Smashing Pumpkins secretly road-testing new Yamaha prototypes?

Are the Smashing Pumpkins secretly road-testing new Yamaha prototypes?  ·  Source: Instagram/Smashing Pumpkins


Photos have surfaced online on the band’s Instagram page that show them playing three new guitars. And none has a logo on the headstock. We can’t help ourselves: Who made these mysterious new instruments? Yamaha? Or perhaps Reverend Guitars?


Smashing Pumpkins

James Iha and Jeff Schroeder have been spotted playing three as yet unidentified singlecuts on the band’s Summer Tour 2019. Check out the Instagram post below: You can see James Iha of the Pumpkins performing live, playing an electric guitar with no name on the headstock. He’s using an EBow to coax some ethereal sounds from this mystery guitar.

If I was a betting man I would say that it is either a Yamaha or a Reverend Guitars model. Why Reverend? Because band-mate has a signature Reverend model. So it wouldn’t be a big stretch, as there is a connection between Reverend and the band already in place.

So Reverend have just announced a brand new Billy Corgan Signature guitar. Smashing Pumpkins main man has a new guitar loaded with signature P90 style pickups loaded and custom styling. The guitar is available in a few different finish options and has lots of great features.

New Billy Corgan Signature Guitar Satin Pearl White

Yamaha or Reverend Guitars?

But over and above the Reverend Guitars connection, the band’s backline on this reunion tour is full of Yamaha and Line 6 gear. Could Yamaha be the source for these mystery guitars? We have no idea. But either way, I reckon we may well see an announcement at Winter NAMM 2020.

Road Test

If you scour the web you will find plenty of images of both Jeff and James playing these new mystery guitars on tour. It makes sense for artists to road-test any instrument before they put their name on the headstock, so I think we will see some new signature models very soon. What do you think? Are we about to see some new Pumpkins Signature guitars? Are they Reverend or Yamaha? Or something else entirely? Let the speculation begin!

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  • New Billy Corgan Signature Guitar Satin Pearl White: Reverend Guitars
Are the Smashing Pumpkins secretly road-testing new Yamaha prototypes?

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3 responses to “Are The Smashing Pumpkins road-testing new Yamaha prototypes?”

    Rosa says:

    Well, whatever it is, they couldn’t get it to work at their last concert in Mountain View on Saturday, Aug 31. Billy was not amused & we were disappointed they didn’t get it to work. Felt like we missed out. Otherwise, great show. They were amazing.

    Tigas says:

    They look like Fernandes headstocks.

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