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Sampleson Suit73

Sampleson Suit73  ·  Source: Sampleson

Sampleson Suit73

Sampleson Suit73  ·  Source: Sampleson

Using their magical second-generation spectral modelling engine SAmpleson has analysed the Fender Rhodes 73 and squeezed it down to a 35MB virtual instrument.


Sampleson does extraordinary things with this technology. We’ve had a number of pianos already but this one introduces the second generation of their spectral modelling technology and you can feel it in every squeak and scratchy detail of this instrument.

The idea is simple enough – all sound can be broken down into sine waves and through analysis of an instrument they can recreate every nuance of the sound using the right combination of sine waves. A fully sampled version would take up many gigabytes of space whereas this offers a fabulously warm and realistic emulation in just a few megabytes. But this is not a mathematic algorithm like with physical modelling, this is working on samples which are recreated through spectral modelling. Does that make sense? Probably not but all I can tell you is that it sounds pretty darn good to me.

Along with the basic sound you have controls over Tremolo, Phaser, Drive, Reverb, Velocity, Bells and Releases so you can model the perfect tone.

Because of the way it works it takes up no room on your drive and is also really low on CPU so it will run well on almost any system. Great job!

Suit 73 is available now for an introductory price of $39 for Windows and MacOS, VST/AU and standalone.

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