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Roland AIRA mystery

Roland AIRA mystery  ·  Source: Roland AIRA

A foggy and mysterious cover video with growly music has recently appeared on the Official Roland Aira Facebook page. Along with the notification of an intention to “Go Live” at 8am on Monday 5th March.

Then an Instagram post appeared with a very similar video but this time it has something lurking in the dark, some faders and a date of “03.05.2018 8.00 GMT”. I’m assuming that is American for the 5th of March (rather than being in May). The video can also be seen on the AIRA webpage here.

There’s plenty of speculation centring around perhaps a new version of the TR-8 or a groovebox or sampler of some kind. The music is certainly rhythmic and also vaguely melodic, or at least possible sample based. The thing is that nearly all the Aira gear has faders like those in the video. So it could be an update to any of the current range. But I’d put my money on something new, something different but probably not unexpected.

We’ve only got to wait to Monday to find out. What do you think?

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  • Roland Aira Facebook page.

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