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Strymon Facebook tease

Strymon Facebook tease  ·  Source: Strymon/Facebook


Strymon is one of the industry’s top high-quality effects manufacturers, so whenever they have a new product in the pipeline, the whole music community tends to stop and take note.


Facebook tease

Which is why the news of a new product about to be released has many of their fans talking on social media and guitar forums. Strymon has used their own official Facebook page to let everyone know it’s got something new in the works. The only real information we have is that the new product comes out on 10 January.

Styrmon Facebook tease January 10th

Styrmon Facebook tease for launch on January 10th

Helix Killer?

I have seen a few comments on forums including TGP speculating that this might be a Line 6 Helix contender. Which would be interesting, as a lot of the Strymon staff are ex-Line 6 people and so there is certainly a link between the two companies.

Some people have also mused that it could just be an updated Flint or perhaps a Timeline. I think though, personally, whatever is launched on the 10th will certainly be something to watch out for.

I will, of course, let you all know what it is once I find out myself. But if you see or hear anything before I do them please do feel free to contact me here at gearnews or just leave a message in the comments section below.

There is currently no mention of any new products on the official Strymon website and so you may want to keep checking in there as well, to see if they leak any information or tease any more details!

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  1. Bearpaws says:

    Doesn’t matter what it is. It will be so overpriced that only the tax deductable or the financially stupid will buy it. Thsi time next year the musical instrument and tech business will be a smoking hole in the ground.

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