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Strymon pedal teaser

Strymon pedal teaser  ·  Source: Twitter/Strymon


Strymon has been making great quality effects pedals for years, which are not only developed and built in the USA, but also sound outstandingly good and are sometimes really innovative. And it looks like a new effect will be born – but there is no more than one teaser. 


Strymon Space?

In addition to the photo with the pedal in blue light, there is currently another photo  and you can see outer space, ie “Space”. For us this is a clear sign of a reverb pedal. Or something that makes your guitar sound huge!


Blue = Reverb?

But the photo with the pedal itself is much more exciting. Due to the size, we can expect something in the housing style of Volante, i.e. something elaborate with 3 foot switchesFive sockets can be seen on the top, so perhaps dual mono inputs and outputs and an expression input or something else for remote control? The blue colouring would be an indication of the housing colour, as it is already used in the Sky pedals, blue = reverb.

The photo between the two with the ant invasion in the manufacturer’s kitchen is probably not a clue. Hopefully, because ants are often seen as a synonym for extreme loneliness.


Strymon pedal space teaser image

Reverb and / or Delay?

What is Strymon planning here for September 17th? It’s next Thursday, so it isn’t very long until we all officially know what it is. It looks like it could well be a new reverb or perhaps a delay, or maybe even both. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Strymon pedal space teaser image: Twitter/Strymon
Strymon pedal teaser

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One response to “Strymon teasing a new pedal on Twitter: Space & Blue = Reverb?”

    pfrf says:

    I’d like it if Strymon came out with another reverb. Something different than the Big or Blue Sky, something more vintage in character. But I rarely get what I want, so it won’t be that.
    The Mobius, which is also blue (as are their power pedals), is due for an update. It’s an early design and, in my opinion, it’s not their best work. I’d love a new modulation pedal with a lusher sound, so it’s not that.
    Maybe it’s a delay pedal since I already have enough of those.
    I’m getting a new refrigerator on the 16th so I can once again wear the shoes that wedge its door closed. This pedal will have to be good to top that.

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