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Strymon NightSky teaser

Strymon NightSky teaser  ·  Source: Facebook/Strymon

Strymon has been running a teaser campaign for its new pedal, which we now know is called the Strymon NightSky. I, for one, found the campaign super annoying, but we’re still game to have a peak to see what the new pedal might be. 

Strymon NightSky

Don’t get me wrong, I like Strymon products and I own a Mobius modulation pedal. But man, these teaser campaigns are getting annoying.

Strymon NightSky teaser footswitch

Strymon NightSky teaser footswitch

What is the NightSky?

Nevertheless, speculation has been swirling about what this pedal could be. Some guess that it might be a pedal version of the Ursa Major Space Station SST-282 rack reverb, with a built-in sequencer. Others suggest that it could be to reverb what the Volante is to delays. If the direction is right, it looks like we are getting a posh reverb with lots of tweak-ability and plenty of knobs to play with.

Is it an Ursa Major Space Station SST-282 in pedal format?

Is it an Ursa Major Space Station SST-282 in pedal format?

Looking at the available photos, we can can see a sequence (step) and hold (morph) footswitch, as well as a Texture sparse/dense control knob. Surely this is some type of textural reverb effect with sequencing built-in.

Assuming for a moment that the rumours that this is a reverb pedal are true, Strymon has been pipped at the post here in the ‘must-have reverb of the month’ category by another brand. This latest campaign has been somewhat eclipsed by the release of the Eventide Blackhole reverb earlier this week.

Strymon NightSky teaser

Strymon NightSky teaser

Are teaser campaigns still a good tactic?

Sure, sometimes we all love a hyped-up product release, but judging by the reaction on the some UK guitar forums about this teaser campaign, some players are getting a bit tired of it. It makes you wonder if this is still a good tactic in 2020. Strymon already has a solid reputation for making quality effects and we trust that. Is there a need for the hype-train teaser campaign in this modern world? And are they counterproductive if they produces satirical mock up images like this one?

Strymon BlueFin

Strymon BlueFin

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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by Jef

7 responses to “Strymon NightSky to be revealed today, but have we had enough of teaser marketing?”

  1. pfrf says:

    Strymon don’t make a pedal called a Morpheus. They do make a Mobius pedal.
    I’m always interested in what Strymon will create even if it’s not something I’ll purchase.
    As far as teaser campaigns, this has to be one of the shortest in history, so why are you so grumpy?

  2. Brf says:

    They do what works, people comment like crazy on their teaser posts and get excited. Then when they launch, they sell the crap out of them. You’re complaining for no reason, it’s all in good fun and what works for their business. You’re writing articles about it, so it’s working.

  3. hurr says:

    do teaser campaigns work in 2020 asks the blog post showcasing a pedal using a teaser campaign. You know the answer to that: if they leak a photo every week are you not going to cover each photo? Other places do.

    • Jef says:

      I think that sometimes the constant ‘week-long’ reveal tactic, diminishes the impact and makes people ‘turn off’ a bit. I get why they do it, but all that build up and then it was leaked before the big reveal anyway!

  4. hooleydooleydoo says:

    ‘Post Written on New Strymon Today, but Have We Had Enough of Post Titles Posed as Questions?’

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