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Headrush Smoke Product Teaser

Headrush Smoke New Product Teaser  ·  Source: Facebook/Headrush


Headrush has started teasing brand new product on its Facebook page – all we have to go on is a picture covered in smoke.


Headrush tease

All will be revealed on 18th April via a live stream presented by Brian from HeadRush. The company will give an overview of the mysterious new product and answer some questions in real-time. You can watch the ‘show’ on the Facebook/YouTube Live Stream on Thursday, April 18 at 3pm EST / 8pm  GMT.

That is literally all we know.

If you have never checked out the Headrush you can read about its launch back in 2017 here. It is essentially an alternative to the Line 6 Helix and combines amp simulations and effects into a floor pedal unit.

Headrush Pedalboard

Headrush Pedalboard. A Line 6 killer?

What could it be?

I’ve heard some existing users asking for a better looper on the Headrush, so perhaps this new product will address that. Or that it could be a new Headrush with improved Digitech modelling, as  they acquired the technology. Or perhaps both of these in one unit?

I think it could be either a built-in vape or perhaps a Spinal Tap patch with accompanying smoke screen feature – perfect for making a grand entrance at your local blues jam.

At the moment there are zero details on the official Headrush website and only minimal information on the official Facebook page. Looks like we will all have to wait until Thursday to find out what it is. Of course, if you want to hazard a guess let us know in the comments below. I’m still pretty sure its a smoke machine though…

More Information



Thursday April 18, tune into our Facebook/YouTube Live Stream event about a whole new product


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Headrush Smoke Product Teaser

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3 responses to “Headrush teases new mystery product on Facebook”

    aaa says:

    It is clearly a Lite version, as you can see in the smoke picture – lacking an expression pedal. A Helix LT competitor.

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