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Korg Tease - Metal Mickey or Tuner?

Korg Tease - Metal Mickey or Tuner?  ·  Source: Korg/Facebook

With Summer NAMM pretty much on top of us and about to start in a few days time, the silly season of hype has begun. Amongst all the usual stuff being spewed about in press releases, Korg has just dropped a mysterious video on Facebook with nothing to show but some lights.

Korg’s lights – Another tuner?

If you head over to Korg’s official Facebook page you will be treated to a single one minute-long clip that doesn’t show us any details at all. In fact, all you get is some flashy lights doing their thing in the dark.

Now, I’m not one to speculate (of course not) and yet if I had to put money on it I would say that it is either Metal Mickey‘s chest plate, the landing strip from Han Solo‘s (may he rest in peace) Millennium Falcon, or KITT from Knight Rider‘s front lights. Or maybe –  just maybe – yet another guitar/bass/banjo tuner…

Feel free to speculate in the comments section below! The excruciating wait ends on 18 July. Whoopee, what fun!

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11 months ago

Did they ever show what this was at namm?