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Ibanez WInter NAMM 2018 teaser

Ibanez WInter NAMM 2018 teaser  ·  Source: Ibanez UK/Facebook


Ibanez has teased new guitars it says are being officially announced at Winter NAMM 2018! As yet, there are no official specifications available for the new models, but we do have a few pics to drool over…


Ibanez NAMM 2018 new model

The teaser images appeared today via the Ibanez UK Facebook page, and has Ibanez fans getting pretty excited. It would appear we are getting some new 24-fret Strat-style guitars that use the classic Ibanez headstock – no pointiness here, just classic nut without any locking hardware. The headstock looks like a cross between a Talman and the classic Ibanez pointy one and there is a really nice recessed smooth neck and body join on show as well.

You can check out the Ibanez UK Facebook page and see all the comments that players are posting. I love the look of these new models and cannot wait to hear more about them.

Not just RGs

It’s nice to have some non-locking trem models from the Japanese guitar giant, as they can build more than just RG style shredders when they want to. Some of their classic Super Strat style guitars have been amazing.


Maple necks, twin humbuckers and clean lines make these look like classic modern instruments straight away. Did I already mention that I think they look great? There are some side shots of HSS layouts with pickguards as well, so maybe we will see some variations on the theme at the show also. Either way, it is looking good.

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More Information

Ibanez 2018 NAMM Show teaser

Ibanez 2018 NAMM Show teaser · Source: Ibanez UK/Facebook



Ibanez WInter NAMM 2018 teaser

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2 responses to “Ibanez teases new NAMM 2018 guitar models via Facebook”

    Mr Man says:

    That one with the scratch plate is a 22 fret guitar. I’d say it’s a different series

      xrzx says:

      The 24 fret looks like an RG but with a Gotoh 510 trem, I hope it won’t have string trees.
      The other one looks like a Talman almost, 22 frets, probably with straight headstock & string tree — really nice CNC neck joint on that one.
      Here’s hoping they have stainless steel frets too on these newer models.

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