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There are a few families of hardware instruments and studio gear out there that are instantly recognisable from across the room: anything by Nord, and nowadays the Roland AIRA series of beatboxes, synths and mixers as well. So what could be better for the discerning programmer than to have a pair of headphones specially designed not just to sound great with these boxes but to look like them too?

That’s what Roland has come up with in conjunction with the highly regarded V-MODA. Studio headphones are fine but not all will be able to cope with the thundering low frequencies that some of this kit can generate, so the idea is that you get to hear everything clearly without rattling your eardrums. To that end the Crossfade M-100 AIRA cans have 50mm dual diaphragm drivers and 5-30,000 Hz frequency response to cope with anything the synths can throw at you.

As well as looking rather snazzy they have some other useful features for today’s producer as well. There’s a two-metre heavy duty cable with a locking mechanism so you can wander about a little without fear of detaching yourself. It also comes with a “SharePlay” cable with an extra 3.5mm jack for a second pair of headphones so you can show off to a friend without waking the neighbours. There’s also specially adapted ear cushioning for extended periods of use and a professional carry case for lugging it to gigs along with everything else.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed but you can read more about the Crossfade M-100 AIRAs here:


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