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Roland JX-03 with GP-002

Roland JX-03 with GP-002  路  Source: Robert Chrispijn


 路  Source: Robert Chrispijn


Graphic designer Robert Chrispijn has conceptualised the perfect companion to the Roland Boutique JX-03 by reimagining the PG-200 hardware programmer as the GP 002 virtual extension. Shame it’s not real.



It’s beautifully rendered and animated in a video that on first look makes you believe this is an actual product. Sadly it’s just an idea, a creative flight of fancy by someone who once owned a Roland JX-3P and saw how this could be an awesome thing.

On the original JX-3P keyboard there was a space over on the right that was filled with a graphical representation of the PG-200 programmer. The idea being that if you bought the programmer it would sit perfectly in that space. It’s like marketing other products within a product if you think about it – genius!

Roland JX-3P

Roland JX-3P

I love that in the animation Robert has also added the placement of audio and MIDI connections.

But, sadly, it’s not real and in fact it really shouldn’t be because all of the PG-200 functionality is actually already baked into the Boutique JX-03. That’s what all the knobs are! So all Robert is doing is adding the graphic that was on the JX-3P to the side of the JX-03 to make them look more similar. So then if it’s only a graphic then why does it need the MIDI and USB connections? Ah, well, maybe it’s not as well thought out as it seemed 馃檪

Lovely job though, really nicely done.

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Image Sources:
  • Roland JX-3P: Robert Chrispijn
Roland JX-03 with GP-002

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One response to “Roland GP-002: the perfect extension for the Boutique JX-03”

    Steve Sims says:

    It鈥檚 a shame that Roland limited us to only 16 programmable slots. The JX03 is actually one of the best Boutique synths but such limited onboard storage meant I quickly lost interest and it鈥檚 sat unused for 3 years. Surely they could have found a way to fit, say, 128 user patch slots into the operating system?

    Btw nice work on this extension render, although I鈥檓 not exactly sure what such a product would achieve in the real world.

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