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Din Sync RE-909

Din Sync RE-909  ·  Source: Din Sync

Din Sync RE-909

Din Sync RE-909  ·  Source: Din Sync

Paul Barker of Din Sync has released a demo of their working TR-909 replica called the RE-909 Rhythm Composer. It’s all PCB, components and buttons but sounds fantastic.


Din Sync like to make authentic clones that exactly replicate the original electronics. This is to not only attempt to recreate the sound but also to build the technology that will help repair existing original TR-909s. It’s interesting that we’ve just heard about the clone from Steda Electronics – it must be the time for the 909.

Paul says most of the work on this project has been led by collaborator Christian Hartig who says this is his “farewell gift to the DIY community”. So we can assume, as with many other Din Sync products, that this will be available as DIY kit. Kumptronics also seem to be referenced who have made cases for previous Din Sync projects so it’s likely that you’ll be able to buy a fully assembled one from them.

Apparently more details will become available soon but they are opening preorders tomorrow, “606 day”.

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