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System80 880 Desktop

System80 880 Desktop  ·  Source: System80


While much of the focus has been on Behringers RD-808 clone of the classic Roland drum machine System80 released an awesome Eurorack version based on the same machine. This very cute 880 drum machine is now being developed into a desktop version.


880 Desktop

System80 says that it will come with a strip of extras across the top. This includes external trigger inputs for every channel, MIDI out, Sync24 in/out, run/clock/reset control, sub-mixer with insert, balanced outputs, headphones and more. This pretty much covers the wish list for the Eurorack version and apparently there will also be an expander for modular users.

Having trigger inputs is not essential on a machine designed to generate its own drum patterns but it was one of the most requested features as far as I can gather.

It still remains pretty cute as a desktop box and will be a lot more compact than the forthcoming RD-808. It’s a lovely realisation of that classic drum machine but at $975 for the Eurorack version and presumably more for the desktop you are paying a premium for a boutique and well-made instrument.

The original features include:

  • 16 analog drum voices (6 single voices, 5 switchable dual voices) with global accent
  • Pattern sequencer with 1-32 steps
  • 12 banks of 16 patterns
  • 12 rhythm tracks
  • Shuffle and roll modes
  • External MIDI triggering of drum voices
  • 11 individual drum voice outputs + master output with volume control
  • 2 assignable trigger outputs
  • External sync via MIDI clock, DIN Sync or clock pulse.

No news on release date or pricing as yet.

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  1. Rod says:

    Probably 4x the price of the Behringer though…kind of pointless for most people.

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