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Steda Electronics SR-909

Steda Electronics SR-909  ·  Source: Steda Electronics

We get the first look at a TR-909 clone from Steda Electronics they are calling the SR-909 which is looking and sounding awesome in a recent run of videos.


Steda Electronics hasn’t been going very long with only a handful of posts on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. But all of them have been about their forthcoming SR-909 which they are calling a “replica”.

It’s very familiar in both looks and tone and the videos they’ve been posting demonstrate that it’s definitely very much like the original 909. There seems to have been a change from white keys to back ones but otherwise it’s looking pretty authentic.


They’ve used various “DIY” tags in their Instagram posts which would indicate that they are intending to offer the SR-909 as a DIY project. That would make for an interesting and hopefully cost-effective way to get your hands on this iconic drum machine. And unlike the delayed Behringer RD-9 which focuses on the efficiency of surface mount components for mass production this is authentically using through-hole components. That makes it more repairable and modifiable which are very useful things.

Price and availability have not been mentioned so far. The “first test” video was from March and they are still posting videos of the same prototype. I’d hazard a guess that it might be ready for the 9th of September.

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