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Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO

Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO  ·  Source: Kickstarter - Synthesis Technology


Synthesis Technology have launched their proposed E370 Quad Morphing VCO on Kickstarter. Within a day they had crashed through their goal of $58,000 as the first 75 backers snap up the promise of one of the first production units. People seem to be really into this oscillator.


E370 Quad Morphing VCO

Oh wow, that sounds amazing! The sound that Richard Devine is teasing out of the prototype board is simply intoxicating. And check out the display – those evolving waveforms. It’s safe to say that the E370 is off to a great start. You need to watch this:


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It’s a DSP based, quad oscillator module for Eurorack. The E370 draws heavily on their existing product range to create what they are calling “the most technically advanced Euro oscillator available”. I’m not sure anyone would argue with that. The 4 VCO’s can be used independently, or as a set of two pairs, or ganged in unison. A full-colour TFT display can show all sorts of things. And knowing how much everyone hates menus they call it a “shallow depth” menu system to access various parameters. There’s an SD slot for saving presets and loading wavetables. Each VCO can have its own set of 64 wavetables.

On display

The screen gives access to a number of parameter pages. The VCO page sets the VCO modes and type of oscillator. There’s a Tuner page that displays each VCO’s output frequency. The Oscilloscope page, as we know looks flippin’ awesome. A Mixer page lets you set the output for each VCO, which can be a mixture of all 4. There’s a Preset page for loading and saving presets and a SD Card page for reading and writing wavetables into the VCOs.


Each VCO is digital and identical, running at 96kHz and 16bits, with 32bit floating point. Each VCO has 7 knobs to play with. These cover tuning, FM and two modulation controls with attenuators. The function of the modulation CVs is dependent upon the VCO modes.

Stretch Goal

They’ve had no problem reaching the additional $15,000 in order to promise a Custom Wavetable Creator/Librarian/Preset Manager. A cross-platform environment, this will make the file and wavetable management much simpler. It will include a Wavetable Editor and Creator, an SD Card Librarian and a Preset Manager.

I like the fact that this is still in the prototype stage and that they are open to new development. Many Kickstarter campaigns seem to have completely finished products and are really just after pro-orders. With the E370 you still have the opportunity as a backer to suggest features and contribute to the development.

Delivery is estimated for November and you have until March 19th to get an E370 Quad Morphing VCO for $879 plus shipping. More information available on the Synthesis Technology Kickstarter page.


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