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Heavyocity PUNISH Plug-in

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Quite regularly, we see new saturation plug-ins released, each claiming to offer something new. On one hand, it’s useful to have a collection of this type of plug-in as they often present their own unique flavour of the ‘good’ stuff. On the other hand, however, you have to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps PUNISH from Heavyocity might just find its way on to your ‘keep’ list. It appears to offer a lot more than just basic saturation effects, from subtle enhancements through to some creative vibes.


Heavyocity PUNISH Effect Plug-in

First off, this is one cool looking plug-in. The central ‘punish’ control looks awesome, especially when it’s turned to dial in the amount of destruction. This works in a similar fashion to ‘one-knob’ plug-ins that I normally hate. The punish control is linked to several parameters, acting as a global control which will effect the sound with a combined effect. The individual parameters are available for user control, too. The limit of control exerted by the punish setting on each linked parameter can also be set. I really appreciate this design, which allows for fine, technical control as well as creative uses.

The plug-in has 5 sections: compression, saturation, transients, EQ and limiting. Its layout and design echo an processing ethos the style of an analogue signal chain. Both the compression and saturation modules have three modes, which already seems to offer a large scope for different sounds. Transient designers have become hugely popular in the modern world of mixing and this one seems effective thanks to its sustain control. The limited EQ section clearly comes from a creative angle by only offering high and low shelving filters.

Sonically, there seem to be some really interesting results available. I think it’s down to a combination of the saturation and sustain controls, but some of the A/B listening examples that they’ve provided are quite striking. Check them out below. I’m not sure how effective the plug-in will prove to be when it comes to subtle processing, as I haven’t tried it our yet. I predict that more subtle effects could sound better with a collection of your more typical mixing tools. That said, I’m happy to be proved wrong.

More Information

Head over to the PUNISH webpage on Heavyocity’s website for more information and to download a trial, free for 10 days. They are running an introductory offer at 199 USD, after which the regular price will rise to 249 USD. In some respects, this is a reassuringly high price for an effect plug-in today, suggesting a high-quality effect. However, this is the first signal processing effect plug-in that Heavyocity have produced, so it feels quite high for something that you might not use everyday. Time will tell if it’s worth it.


Featured on Heavyocity Media’s YouTube channel, here’s a video providing a useful overview of the new plug-in.


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Here’s a playlist from Heavyocity Media’s Soundcloud page providing before-after listening examples from PUNISH. These are well worth a listen as many aren’t what you might expect.

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Heavyocity PUNISH Plug-in

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