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PRS Roxy Pink Silver Sky announced

PRS Roxy Pink Silver Sky announced  ·  Source: Instagram / PRS

That pink PRS Silver Sky John Mayer has been playing has now been made official. The finish is called Roxy Pink and was first seen last month in John Mayer’s video for his latest ’80s inspired song Last Train Home.


PRS Silver Sky Roxy Pink

PRS has shared via Instagram the new Silver Sky Roxy Pink model, so now you too can do that ’80s rock/pop thing, just like John Mayer did in his latest video. Mayer’s Instagram and Facebook accounts both showed the ‘Friday Weekly’ image, which has the text “June 4, 2021” and “99c” along with “John Mayer Shares Details…And Music!”

PRS Roxy Pink Silver Sky

PRS Roxy Pink Silver Sky

It’s official and it’s super ’80s!

The colour is now part of the standard range, so everyone that thought it was a one-off, can now go and order one (or not). The finish is quite decisive and I know from comments on the latest PRS post that not everyone is into it.

It looks very ’80s though, and I’m sure it will have a lot of fans, as it is a bright colour and really stands out from the crowd.

The Silver Sky Roxy Pink is now available to preorder through Thomann.

PRS John Mayer Hot Pink Silver Sky?

PRS John Mayer Hot Pink Silver Sky

Silver Sky SE?

Rumours are also hotting up over a potential PRS SE Silver Sky model, as one May have been spotted back in March. So will we see an announcement sometime in the next few days? The Cort factory appeared to show reference to one, according to a post by BlackSmith Strings and ever since then, fans of PRS have been getting pretty excited by the prospect of an SE version of the Silver Sky model.

Well, Summer NAMM is nearly here and the Experience PRS is about to start, so we may well see one.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Silver Sky SE

Has BlackSmith Strings leaked the existence of an SE version of the PRS Silver Sky?

More Information on the PRS Silver Sky

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