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PRS McCarty Singlecut 594'Experience PRS 2018' Limited Edition

PRS McCarty Singlecut 594'Experience PRS 2018' Limited Edition  ·  Source: PRS

PRS is launching three new semi-hollow models: the McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow, McCarty Singlecut 594 and the Special Semi-hollow. They look very similar to a guitar it built for John Mayer, as part of its Experience PRS 2018 campaign. The US maker is also offering a Private Stock McCarty ‘Graveyard Limited’ model made from Michigan red maple.

Experience PRS 2018

It is that time of year again and PRS has been celebrating its Experience PRS 2018 weekend, with some very tasty Limited Edition models now available. You will need to order one from your local PRS dealer and they will only be around for a short time, so don’t take too long deciding on which one you want. They can be ordered between June 8 – August 31 only, but there are no limits in numbers for the three new semi-hollow guitars, unlike Privat Stock models which are limited to 80 guitars worldwide.

PRS Experience 2018

PRS Experience 2018


McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow & McCarty Singlecut 594

The new McCarty 594 is a vintage-flavoured guitar with an f-hole and semi-hollow body. It is being offered for a limited time in either a double or single cutaway model, letting you choose which shape suits you best. I’d find it hard to decide myself, as they both look very nice.

Mahogany backs and Pattern Vintage mahogany necks are a feature of both models, that also have bound rosewood 10″ radius fretboards.

Both come loaded with 58/15 LT Bass and 58/15 LT Treble pickups, with standard control knob layout of two Volumes, two Tones and a three-way pickup selector switch.



Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition

The new PRS Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition guitar is very similar to a certain Custom 22 guitar (ahem, John Mayer) and has a pretty versatile hum/single/hum configuration. This is achieved via two PRS 85/15 MT humbuckers (multi-tap) and a PRS Narrowfield middle pickup.

With a 5-way blade switch and two mini-toggles that can tap the two humbuckers, it should be a pretty versatile instrument. You get the obligatory PRS trem system on this one, which I am a fan of, as PRS make good quality bridges and this is one they do particularly well.

Again, this is a semi-hollow body with single f-hole just like the two McCarty models above. You can also order it in around 20 different colour options including Aquamarine, Antique White, Autumn Sky, Black Gold Wrap Burst, Blood Orange, Burnt Maple Leaf and more!


Aquamarine PRS Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition

PRS Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition in Aquamarine


Private Stock McCarty 594 ‘Graveyard Limited’

Limited to 80 guitars, the Private Stock McCarty 594 ‘Graveyard Limited’ model is built using curly maple from trees removed from an old graveyard which was established at or before 1884. The wood was logged in 2017, and “Paul Smith believes it may be some sort of sub-species of Michigan red maple, very closely resembling the wood used on guitars coming out of Kalamazoo in 1959,” according to the PRS website (a subtle vintage Gibson association there, ahem…). Besides the marketing hype, most of us guitarists do prefer old growth timber, as it tends to be superior to modern woods due to having grown for longer.

With a mahogany back, figured mahogany Pattern Vintage’ neck and Madagascar Rosewood fretboard and veneers, this is a high-quality instrument throughout. Expect it to be resonant, light and pretty rounded tonally.

You also get a very nice subtle vintage nitrocellulose Honey Gold with a Dark Cherry Smoked Burst finish and so it should age gracefully over the years. PRS is very good at finishing guitars anyway, but this should be on another level from their core line of instruments.

It comes fitted with the 58/15 Treble Pickup in the bridge and a  58/15 LT Bass Pickup in the neck position, all controlled by two Volume knobs and two Push/Pull Tone controls, both wired to a three-way switch.

RRP- TBC inc Paisley Private Stock hard case

PRS Private Stock Graveyard Limited

PRS Private Stock Graveyard Limited


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