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Reason Studios Reason 11

Use Reason Rack as a plug-in in any DAW  ·  Source: Reason Studios

In a surprise move, Propellerhead has announced that it is changing its name to Reason Studios. But that’s not the only breaking news. Reason 11 is around the corner, and Reason Rack will now run as a plug-in in many other DAWs. Talk about a revolution!

Use the Reason Rack as a plug-in in your DAW

Maybe it was to be expected that some things would change at Propellerhead after the recent change in leadership. But we certainly weren’t expecting changes of this magnitude. Besides renaming the company to Reason Studios, they have just opened up the world of Reason to a whole new group of users, and it’s no small one. From now on, users of other DAWs like Cubase, Studio One and Logic (later this year) will be able to load the Reason Rack as a plug-in. That means that all of Reason’s instruments and effects become available outside the confines of the Reason software. That’s nothing short of awesome.

Reason 11, including the new Reason Rack plug-in, is now available for beta testing. To get it, you need to sign up at the Reason Studios website. According to Reason Studios, the official release date is set for September 25, 2019. That’s also when the VST3 version of the Reason Rack plug-in will be available. The company plans to release an AU version by the end of this year.

In the light of these announcements, it shouldn’t be overlooked that Reason 11 also comes with a bunch of other new features. Among other improvements, they’ve added some new devices: Quartet Chorus EnsembleSweeper Modulation EffectMaster Bus CompressorChannel Dynamics and Channel EQ.

Reason Studios Reason 11

Reason Studios Reason 11

Price and availability

If you’d like to get involved with the beta testing, you can sign up here. When it comes out on September 25, Reason 11 will be available in three versions. Intro (31 devices, EUR 79 / USD 99), Reason 11 (55 devices, EUR 349 / USD 399), and Suite (72 devices, EUR 549 / USD 599). All versions include the Reason Rack plug-in. There are also various ways to upgrade from earlier versions; you can find the upgrade prices at the Reason Studios website. What’s more, there’s a grace period which started on August 1, so if you buy Reason 10 now*, you’re eligible for a free upgrade to Reason 11 once it comes out. Reason 11 runs on macOS 10.11 or higher and Windows 7 or higher.

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