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Grayscale POKIT

Grayscale POKIT  ·  Source: Grayscale


Grayscale POKIT is a kit for integrating the remarkably versatile POM-16 sequencer/arpeggiator/keyboard into your Eurorack.



The POM-16 is an often overlooked sequencer that forms part of the Pocket Operator Modular range from Teenage Engineering. You’ll also find it integrated into the bottom half of the POM-170 monosynth.

It’s a stand-alone keyboard where you can tune each key individually, an arpeggiator and a 4-channel sequencer with performance features and effects. All of it spilling out the top with CV and gate. At £199 it’s also pretty affordable for the feature set.


Grayscale has come up with a way to drop it into your Eurorack with the POKIT. It comes with a Eurorack compatible front panel, a power converter, some custom fasteners and replacement gray knobs in order to maintain the dark gray aesthetic that Grayscale is going for. You can use the original wine red ones if you prefer.

You can get the kit with or without a replacement membrane keyboard because if you’ve already stuck it down on the original POM-16 then there’s no getting that off without damaging it. You can also bring the MIDI Out and Sync out to the front by drilling a couple of holes and soldering in some 3.5mm jacks. Not sure why this isn’t already done for you because who wouldn’t want this? But it wouldn’t be very difficult.

It’s a jolly nice idea and I think the POM-16 is a great little sequencer. The membrane keyboard takes some getting used to but the sequencer has some really nice features.

With the keyboard the POKIT is $115 and without it’s $95.

More information

  • Grayscale website. (I get warnings when I try to access the website but it seems fine)
  • More from Grayscale.


Here’s a demo I did on the POM-16


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