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PMC Audio new studio monitors

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Pro audio manufacturer PMC has launched its new IB2S-AII range of active studio monitors. It covers the single cabinet IB2S-AII; and the IB2S XBD-AII twin cabinet reference monitors. With both analog and digital inputs supplied, both models have 3U rackmount electronics per channel.


There’s DSP-controlled Class-D amplification rated at 2025W for the IB2S-AII and 3225W for the IB2S XBD-AII. PMC says the increase in power to enhance bass definition and attack. Control over the monitors can be accomplished with an optional RJ45 tabletop remote so there’s no need to fondle the rear panels.

Drop the bass

PMC is offering the IB2S-AII master cabinet as a standalone speaker or bundled with the single-driver XBD bass cabinet, forming the aforementioned IB2S XBD-AII. Both systems have hand-built drivers – 10-inch carbon fibre/Nomex piston, 75mm fabric dome mid, and 34mm soft-dome tweeter. Bass response is facilitated by PMC’s proprietary ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) bass-loading technology. From the manufacturer:

PMC places the bass driver near one end of a long tunnel (the Advanced Transmission Line). This tunnel is heavily damped with acoustic material specified carefully to absorb the upper bass and higher frequencies radiating from the rear of the bass driver. The lowest frequencies are allowed to pass down the line and emerge from the large vent in the same polarity as the driver’s frontal radiation, the vent acting essentially as a second bass driver.

Further tuning is possible via user-adjustable HF/LF shelving filters, input level trim, and an AES3 digital input – all coming standard with the speakers. Obviously, these are meant for larger rooms, though PMC took care to make them flexible – they can be mounted in a vertical or side-by-side format.


Duly noted, PMC Audio makes hi-end studio and audiophile equipment, so we are talking some big, big spending here. The previous generation IB2S-A speakers run at around USD 37,000 per pair for the smallest variant, and the price can escalate up to a whopping USD 70,000 should you order a twin cabinet configuration with desktop controller. As the old saying goes, sound is bought, not made.

More information

The IB2S-AII and IB2S XBD-AII will start shipping from March onwards. At the moment, no pricing or further information is available, though you can always visit PMC’s website and reach out.


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