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PMC BB6 XBD and MB3 XBD Monitors

PMC BB6 XBD and MB3 XBD Monitors  ·  Source: PMC

PMC BB6 and MB3 (inc. XBD versions) line-up

PMC BB6 and MB3 (inc. XBD versions) line-up  ·  Source: PMC

PMC BB6 XBD and MB3 XBD Monitors

PMC BB6 XBD and MB3 XBD Monitors  ·  Source: PMC

Leading monitor manufacturer PMC is due to reveal its next generation of active main studio monitors at NAMM. With the MB3 and BB6, PMC aims to build on the reputation of its MB2 and BB5 main monitors. Replacing some of the best-known – and accordingly priced – main monitors around, these new speakers look to be something special.

MB3 and BB6 Active Main Monitors

The MB2 and BB5 monitors are considered bench-mark speakers for our industry. PMC are bringing these classic designs up to date with the latest driver, amplifier and cabinet designs. Having worked on BB5’s before, I can say that these are new ones are very likely to impress any audio professional or audiophile. If you’re heading to NAMM 2017 in a couple of weeks, be sure to take a look at these new ‘references’.

Just like their predecessors, the BB6’s and MB3’s will come as a single or twin cabinet design. The extra-low range cabinet is said to provide an “ultra-smooth in-room response”. Whilst that’s a very marketing-heavy phrase, I believe it translates a broader listening experience with 3dB more headroom, rather than extending the frequency response. Although loudness shouldn’t really be a concern here, the headroom of both systems is quite impressive. The MB3 XBD is capable of a max SPL of 129dB, while the BB6 XBD will reach a massive 131dB.

Even as single cabinets, the low-end frequency response of each system should cater for any source material in any scenario. This is thanks to the PMC ‘Advanced-Transmission-Line‘,  a 12-inch driver in the MB3’s and a 15-inch driver in the BB6’s. I’ll quote PMC again here who say “these exhibit a flat response down to 20Hz and 17Hz respectively”. These are of course the latest generation Radial low-frequency drivers.

As well as refinements in their cabinet and driver design, the new BB6’s and MB3’s will also use PMC’s latest Class-D amplifiers first, developed for their flagship QB1’s. There are more impressive figures to quote here, as a complete BB6 XBD system will have 5625W per channel. These new electronics also support the latest DSP wizardry. These new processes have, PMC say, been used to further refine the sound of these already well-tuned speakers. The DSP handles the cross-overs, the response of the drivers and something called “non-invasive protection using modelled excursion limiting”. A degree of EQ shelving is available to the user for compensating room variables, controlled by their own RJ45 remote control, which will now ship as standard with these systems.

More Information

Check out the official news story on PMC’s website, where more details about the technology and specifications can be found. Prices for existing BB5 XBD’s are in the region of 84,000 GBP and there’s no reason why the new BB6’s should be any less! Currently MB2 XBD’s are a mere 53,280 GBP, so the MB3’s are likely to equally be a bargain!

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