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HEDD Tower Mains

 ·  Source: HEDD Audio

At NAMM 2018, German manufacturer HEDD Audio announced a new full-range monitoring system – the HEDD Tower Mains. Designed to be cost-effective and compatible with “every possible studio environment” (hmm… try driving these at your bedroom studio!), the Tower Mains are also modular.

The system comprises a main TM80 unit which combines with one or two TMS36 subwoofers per channel. Each subwoofer features four drivers in a closed box design, providing 1200W of amplification. The TM 80 is driven by three 300W amplifiers, with a response down to 80Hz, while the subwoofers start at 20Hz and stop at 80Hz, preserving their transient response at very high SPL levels.

Although the Tower Mains can be arranged and used in many positions, depending on your working space’s acoustics and dimensions, HEDD promises “seamless” and “homogenous” sound by virtue of the monitors‘ “sophisticated virtue design.” With the latest version of Klaus Heinz’ proprietary Air Motion Transformer tweeter design and full HEDD Bridge compatibility for connecting the Tower Mains to Dante-IP or Audinates IP devices, these monitors will hopefully prove themselves sounding as impressive as they look.

Additionally, the HEDDs come with the free Lineariser plug-in, which enables linear-phase playback of ±1°. It’s available for download from the manufacturer website.

For more information, including a complete technical spec sheet and breakdown, visit HEDD Audio.

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