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The HEDDphone – now get your HEDD around this!  ·  Source: HEDD


Berlin-based HEDD (Heinz Electrodynamic Devices) has announced the HEDDphone. The company’s first headphones bring its signature AMT technology to the headphone market for the first time. What do the HEDDphones have to offer, besides their obviously very appropriate name and spectacular looks?


Heinz Electrodynamic Devices was founded by Klaus Heinz, who was also a founder of ADAM Audio. This is no coincidence: HEDD’s loudspeakers like the Tower Mains and Type 20 employ AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeters, the kind of folded-diaphragm tweeters invented by Dr. Oskar Heil and first popularized in the world of studio monitors by ADAM. According to theory, AMT tweeters can accelerate the air more efficiently than traditional drivers, resulting in a more precise sound and better spatial definition. The technology is now also used by other companies like Presonus (R Series), EVE Audio, and Unity Audio.


Headphones with folded-diaphragm technology

The new HEDDphone brings AMT folded diaphragms to the headphone market for the first time. In order to make this possible, HEDD had to design a full-range AMT speaker. The company says that it accomplished this with a new variable diaphragm geometry called VVT. According to HEDD, this results in a frequency response of 10Hz – 40kHz.

If you’re as curious about the HEDDphone as I am, you can get your HEDD under one the first few units at the HIGH END Show in Munich from May 9-15, 2019. The fact that HEDD introduces these headphones at a hi-fi event shows that the world of hi-fi audiophiles is one of its target markets. But if the HEDDphone performs as accurately as the company claims, it will certainly make an impact in pro audio as well.

Price and availability

One question remains: How much will you have to save up for a pair of revolutionary HEDDphones? We don’t know the exact price yet, but HEDD says that it will be “well below 2000 Euros”. The HEDDphone is scheduled to hit the market in the third quarter of 2019.

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