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Plugin Alliance - The Oven

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Plugin Alliance announced it’s cooperating with big-time mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum and boutique manufacturer Hendy Amps for an emulation of The Oven – a USD 6500 tube/solid-state ‘mojo box’ which Appelbaum uses as a secret weapon of sorts. The plug-in will be released in 2021.


The Oven

Officially endorsed by the hardware’s creators, The Oven is a straightforward emulation of the pricy unit. It’s a stereo multiband saturation processor with gain matching controls for both channels followed by Temp and Cook knobs, Burners (Low/Mid/Top), Sizzle and Flow controls. Almost every control has switchable modes, not unlike modern tube guitar amplifiers.

The unit combines both tube and solid-state sections. It offers very detailed control of the saturation’s characteristics. For example, the Temp control alters the drive circuit, Cook controls the pentode tube stage, and the Bake/Broil switch enables tube compression. The Burners allow for multi-band saturation control to home in on the frequency ranges you want. Likewise, the Burned switch brings the processing to the level of audio decimation.

The Oven is an interesting and versatile processor for sure. I’m glad Plugin Alliance is giving it the plug-in treatment. Judging by their previous attempts at similar projects, such as the Black Box HG-2 and Phil’s Cascade, they have the chops needed to get the job done. Although PA products can be expensive, The Oven will cost a fraction of the hardware’s price. Moreover, the developer hosts regular sales and has subscription offers. So getting your hands on The Oven plug-in shouldn’t pose a major challenge.


There’s no word on the pricing or the release date. We also don’t know if Plugin Alliance will be enhancing the emulation with additional features like M/S processing, although presets are a given. We are looking forward for more information next year.

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Plugin Alliance - The Oven

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