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Plugin-Alliance Lindell 354E Multiband Compressor

Plugin-Alliance Lindell 354E Multiband Compressor  ·  Source: Plugin Alliance


Who wouldn’t be interested in a plug-in that emulates the characteristics of the Neve 2254E bus compressor, in a multiband layout including the option for mid-side processing? Introducing the Lindell 354E Multiband Compressor for mastering and mixing applications.


Plugin-Alliance Lindell 354E Multiband Compressor

Is this plug-in a sign of the next generation of plug-ins to enter the pro audio world? We’ve seen almost every respected (and un-respected in some cases!) piece of pro audio gear captured and emulated in software form for years now. While emulations have been around for some time, their updated variants boast ever-better quality and accuracy. However, manufacturers are now starting to use these algorithms to deliver interesting new tools.

That is exactly what we have here. The Lindell 254E plug-in from Plugin Alliance has been developed into a multiband version to give us the Lindell 354E. This isn’t a piece of hardware which ever existed in this form, but a piece of software that aims to deliver something unique based around the proven sonic performance of the Neve 2254E.

There’s seems to be a division of opinion on of M/S processing, and I fall into the none-M/S user base. However, I really like how this has been implemented into this plug-in. The M/S processing can be used on a band-by-band basis. The Niveau and side-chain filters look like really smart additions, making use of the ‘virtual’ world. The Nuke mode looks fun, but is essentially just an amplitude boost to hit the processing harder. I guess pro users will probably work this for themselves that this is in fact just a marketing topic.


More Information

There is an introductory offer running on the Lindell 354E plug-in at 129 USD. The usual price will be 199 USD. Head over to the Plugin-Alliance webpage for more information and to download.


This has got to be one of the best product demonstration videos we’ve seen for a while. Mo Volans provides an insight to this plug-in with listening examples and useful information. He also gives easy-to-follow instructions on how to use this complex tool. This video is from the PluginAllianceTV YouTube channel.

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Plugin-Alliance Lindell 354E Multiband Compressor

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    Óskar Sigurðsson says:

    Why do they never level compensate before and after in these videos… hmmmmm… 😀
    I do love Plugin Alliance though and have way too many of their plugins then I should.

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