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Pinter Instruments

Pinter Instruments SB1-J in Whitby Green. A new take on a jazz guitar.  ·  Source: Pinter Instruments

Pinter Instruments Guitars SB1-J Whitby Green

Pinter Instruments SB1-J in Whitby Green  ·  Source: Pinter Instruments


Pinter Instruments’ new SB-1J Jazz Jr doesn’t look like your traditional hollow bodied arch top guitar. In fact, it looks about as far removed from that style as you can imagine. But what does it actually sound like?



Okay, so it doesn’t look conventional at all, but this new guitar from Pinter Instruments actually sounds pretty decent. Strung with a set of traditional flatwound guitar strings and with the treble control backed off, it can achieve a very passable traditional archtop jazz guitar tone which seeks to emulate a horn sound and is often used on lead lines by players.


The SB-1J Jazz Jr uses an alder body construction and pairs this with a maple neck fitted with a 10-16″ compound radius pau ferro fretboard. Personally I really like pau ferro as a fretboard wood, as it has nice tonal qualities, wears well and I think it looks good as well. The fretboard is fitted out with 22 medium nickel frets, so it should be easy to play everything from passing chords to flowing lead lines with ease.


It comes loaded with a set of Righteous Sound pickups with a humbucker bridge and a single coil in the neck position. An interesting choice, this, as you often see twin humbuckers in more jazz-orientated guitars. In the video below you can hear some clear examples of these in action.

Both Hipshot bridge and tuners are used, so I would only imagine that tuning will be rock solid as the Hipshot stuff is practically bullet proof and very well made.

The SB-1J Jazz Jr comes already fitted with Schaller strap locks and comes with a monogrammed guitar strap included, along with a custom fitted Protec Contego hard case.

New style

This is something new and looks a little out of place, however I believe can get you the tones you are looking for and on paper the construction is sound. No feedback issues associated with arch tops, a compound radius fretboard with medium frets should make this a breeze to play and those custom Righteous Sound pickups do sound great in the official demo video below.


Available in Whidbey Green, Warm Grey and Midnight Noir.

It’s not cheap, but then when has any good quality, low run guitar been cheap? It’s a bit of an oddball, but then if you like jazz, being an outsider is all part of the deal anyway, all the hep cats know this…

RRP USD 2,500 plus shipping  (free shipping in USA) / taxes 

Pinter Guitars SB-1 Jazz Jr product page



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Pinter Instruments Guitars SB1-J Whitby Green

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2 responses to “Pinter Instruments SB-1J Jazz Jr-Flatwound Strings & horn tones”

    Shane McGill says:

    Has a nice Jazz tone, I don’t get all the ‘sounds like horns’ because it doesn’t, it’s way too expensive – but nice design.

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