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2nd Sense Audio ParamLink

2nd Sense Audio ParamLink lets your plug-ins play with your other plug-ins  ·  Source: 2nd Sense Audio

What if the plug-ins in your mixing session could control each others’ parameters instead of you having to do complicated automation? ParamLink, a new plug-in by 2nd Sense Audio, opens up interesting creative capabilities by hooking up different effects in your DAW with virtual patch cables – not unlike a modular synthesizer where each of your plug-ins is a separate module! Speaking of synths, you may know about 2nd Sense from their novel waveshaping synthesizer, Wiggle, or the straightforward ReSample audio editor.

With ParamLink, parameters of Plugin A you choose can be wired into those of Plugin B and tweaked to abide by certain conditions. For example, Plug A’s volume pot controls the filter cutoff of Plug B in one of three ways – following by the same value, following by a scale value, or following by its reversed value.  So if you want to pull off a simple stereo effect, such as making one track pan itself left as another goes right, you can easily do that with ParamLink. This aside, you can set up some fairly complex routing with the plug-in to give your sounds more life and animation, or come up with an unholy mess. It’s a question of taste and willingness to experiment.

We certainly don’t know of another plug-in like ParamLink. FL Studio‘s Patcher comes to mind, but it’s more of an effects chaining system than an alternative to manual automation. We can’t help but wonder why no DAW maker ever thought about including such a feature as native functionality. It would have made for such a nice bit of innovation. But hey, if they keep throwing users more free samples and EDM presets, they’ll still sell well!

ParamLink is available for $29, with a fully functional 25-day demo version up for download as well. Check out 2nd Sense Audio’s page for more information.


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